2013 May - August in pics!


// Created a lot of different looks // Went to see icehockey and also worked during those games // Used these silver heels a lot! // Bought my very first Ray Bans :) // Had a huge travel fever! //


// Went to listen to Avicii with Stefan :) // Relaxed at the beach near our apartment // Jonas and I went got invited to a wedding // My family and I traveled to Mallorca // Celebrated Midsummer with Jonas, Stefan and Tommi // Off to Stockholm too // Fell for this ruffle skirt so hard! // 


// Traveled to Rhodos with Jonas // Found cool boots // Dino inspired look which turned out to be a hit on the blog :) // Ate a lot of watermelons // Did a co-operation with Jaminthebox and got these melting tights and got almost 4000 likes on Littlemonsters.com // My Kokkola friend came to Helsinki // Found my outfit in Costume magazine // One of my favorite outfits :) // 


// My pink plastic bag followed me every where // Began to hang out with this gorgeous girl :) // Found a new cool blog to read // Designed a 30 seconds to mars case and surprised Jonas // Walked in my Nikes almost every day // Went totally nuts when Gaga released her new single, Applause, so I did a look-a-like makeup :) // Saw Kick-ass 2, and it kicked ass! //After work relaxing // Turned hola looping into a fun workout // Denim shorts with boots, ah pure love! // Went to Särkänniemi with Jonas, Stefan and Tommi, had a lot of fun :) // Had nicely tanned legs too! // 

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