Prom Dresses by Persun

Hello everyone! Don't you just love the thought that the summer of 2013 is almost here? It's time for great parties, graduations and beautiful summer events. I got so inspired by these beautiful PROM DRESSES at PERSUN so I just had to share them with you too! I don't have any graduation party or prom to go to this summer but I have been invited to a wedding in June so I would love to have a new beautiful dress :) Because it's a wedding, it's absolutely a big NO NO to wear white myself so I have to find a gorgeous dress in some other color. But if you have a party, prom or graduation where white is the thing, then go for it! I wanted to pick my own favorites that fit perfectly for these events and hopefully these dresses are close to your taste too! This post includes advertised links! 

Dress perfection
(Click on the pics to go to the site)

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